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NFC in mobile networks: perspectives and ways of development

It is considered one of possible approaches to realization of application services with using of NFC interface in mobile networks and its advantage. The approach assumes standardization of network interfaces to provide wide availability of the services market for suppliers and consumers and, at the same time, it essentially simplifies logic of interaction with active role of mobile carriers. A commercial basis of an offered way of realization is payment from the subscriber’s account.
Key words: NFC, telecommunication, commerce, standard, mobile, network, service, security, billing, management.


Model of optimum control by resources of NGN taking into account SLA requirements

In this article is devoted working out of model of optimum control by resources of network NGN taking into account requirements of the agreement on degree of service SLA. The model is developed on the basis of the analysis of features of the decision of problems of quality of service of users by means of algorithm of differentiated services DiffServ and architecture of resource management in network NGN according to recommendations ITU-T. As a result of researches new function of utility taking into account streams of the traffic is defined and calculation of optimum plans of distribution of resources of network NGN is carried out.
Key words: NGN, algorithm of differentiated services DiffServ, network resources, the agreement on a degree of quality of service SLA, penal sanctions, utility function, the optimum plan of distribution of resources.


Dynamics of telecommunication service quality estimation and extent of subscriber’s tolerance to QoS degradation

Now the amplifying competition in sphere of cellular communication services forcing communication operators to increase attention not only to attraction of new subscribers in the network, but also to be engaged in deduction of already existing user’s base.
In the article is described dynamic results of sociological researches according to quality of services of cellular communication, and also extent of tolerance of subscribers to various extent of given services quality in the form of the subscriber loss probability on an example of the operator «MegaFone».
Also in article defined the reasons of a speech signal distortions in a path of mobile radio communication systems and estimated the contribution of these distortions to the quality of service in a speech transmission.
Timely value subjective of communication network condition from positions of these network subscribers can help to describe model of behaviour of the subscriber in case of its partial or full dissatisfaction the given telecommunication service. Also loss probabilities of the subscriber can help with process of network optimisation and at an estimation of the sizes of the possible missed incomes of operators depending on given telecommunication service quality of, or in cases of occurrence of unexpected problems in the network equipment.
Key words: Dynamics of communication quality estimations, tolerance of subscribers, probability of subscriber loss.


Estimation of high-priority packets delay parameters in IP networks

In the article the estimation method of highest priority packets delay in IP networks is suggested. Method is based on the analysis of queuing system with bunker as a packet switch model. The estimations of errors inherent to this method are given and the way to obtain more precise results is proposed. Key words: IP networks, errors, switch model.


Issues of design and decision-making in problem-oriented real-time control systems.
Modernization of Economics demands design of highly efficient real-time control systems (RTCS)

This paper considers the most important aspects of real-time control systems and decision-making in error conditions.
Key words: real-time control systems, problem orientation.


Modelling of nanosecond signal reflection from various mediums

Modelling of nanosecond pulse reflection from various nonuniform and dispersive mediums considering the function of the antenna system radiation is performed. The Fast Fourier Transform is used. The modelling algorithm and features of the specialized developed program were described. Analysis of modelling results was carried out and parameters whereby provided conditions for efficient signal reflection, were found.
Key words: nanosecond pulse, propagation medium, reflection coefficient, modeling.


Estimation method of amplification and buried antenna traveling-wave ratio

The paper is about control condition of inaccessible short-wave instant readiness underground antennas. The control parameters are amount of gain and travelling-wave coefficient of underground antennas. Method of evaluating amount of gain is based on evaluation measured signal level, received by target antenna. Method of evaluating travelling-wave coefficient is based on adjusting special interface device to maximize the signal level. Interface parameters are known, and they contain all the necessary information about antenna impedance properties. Suggested methods allow reliably control condition of otherwise inaccessible short-wave antennas during their run-time. Key words: target antenna, control parameters, signal level.


Physical regularization of antennas theory incorrect problems

This article describes a method of physical regularization of incorrect problems in the theory of antennas. It is shown that there is incorrect, firstly, due to the non self-consistent physical models of radiating structures, and secondly, it is caused by incorrect mathematical models, and thirdly, the incorrect problems are caused by using of non self-consistent integral representations of electromagnetic fields (EMF) nearly radiating surface. For example, the internal and external problems of electric dipole analysis are considered. The results of solving these problems by classical (incorrect) method and the physical regularization method are represented. A comparison of these results are represented. Shown that the using of the classical method for calculating the electromagnetic field in near zone leads to incorrect results.
Key words: antennas, electric dipole, incorrect problem, electromagnetic field, singular integral equation.


Synthesis of broadband matching circuits of TV transmitter power amplifier

The method of structural-parametric synthesis of broadband matching circuits for power amplifiers television transmitters proposed. The method presented in the form of algorithms for estimation of the optimal load resistance, the curve of constant quality, structure synthesis, qualitative analysis, parametric synthesis of broadband matching circuits in the visual simulation environment. Key words: optimal load, constant quality, qualitative analysis.


Formulas error estimation for microstrip elements inductance calculation

In this work the errors of seven methods of inductance calculation of elements in the performance of microstrip are considered. For an estimation of an error is offered to use differential model in space of states, received on basis of experimental data. Key words: inductance, mutual inductance, film, inaccuracy method, transmission line, strip width, differential model, spline.


Design of low noise microwave VCO with coaxial ceramic resonators

A design procedure of low noise microwave bipolar transistor VCO with oscillation frequency defined by coaxial ceramic resonator connected with varactor is offered. At the first step of this procedure an approximate quasi-linear calculations of the VCO circuit parameters, oscillation frequency, regime characteristics and phase noise have to be performed. It helps to prevent parasitic oscillations excitation and escape the useful oscillations distortion due to influence of higher harmonics. It gives also the data that are necessary to perform the accurate polyharmonic calculations using Microwave Office design software. The procedure application is illustrated by designing of the VCO with oscillation frequency close to 3,4 GHz and tuning range 1,5%. The results of the design are verified by experiment. Key words: VCO, Microwave Office, quasi-linear.


Wide-range CMOS generator for high-performance systems on chip

The article is dedicated to the important problem of designing fully integrated wide-range high-frequency generators in standard submicron CMOS technology. Requirements to the generator designed for large scale SoC application are given. The generator, based on pulse PLL, and non-differential ring VCO block diagrams are considered. The solution to widen the range of generated frequencies and, at the same time, to improve a noise immunity of VCO generative ring is proposed. Mathematical modeling diagrams and topology of the generator manufactured on submicron CMOS technology 180 nm are presented.
Key words: pulse phase locked loop; voltage controlled CMOS oscillator; frequencies range widening and noise immunity improvement of generative ring.

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